Ahh roleplays.I`ve always loved them......Until the moment you try them.9 hours of acting and editing and playing and trying to make something that people will like.

Well I`m going to do tell you the steps of doing roleplays

  1. Loading the game in this case minecraft
  2. Putting every singe detail in every single thing around the scene.
  3. There is going to be a crash and the game doesn`t wants to load
  4. Spending hours of reloading and trying to fix the game.
  5. Succesfully loading the game and realizeing that everything is gone.
  6. Rebuilding the hole thing again.
  7. Filming it(which takes like 2-3 hours for me)
  8. Editing it
  9. Realizeing that those 10 hours you spend on crashing and fixing and building in total of 20 minute long episode
  10. Crying over those 10 hours you spend sitting talking
  11. Uploading it
  12. Sleep for the next 55 hours.

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